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442 Fulton Hall, Carroll School of Management Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


B.A., American University in Bulgaria

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Katz Business School


About Me

Professor Gergana Y. Nenkov conducts research in the area of consumer behavior. Her research focuses on understanding the motivations behind suboptimal or irrational consumer choices, with the ultimate goal of developing methods to improve the consumer decision making process in important consumer domains such as financial decision making and sustainability.

Professor Nenkov’s research won the Franco Nicosia ACR Competitive Paper Award (2019) and the Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award at the Journal of Marketing (2020). She has also been acknowledged as outstanding reviewer at the Journal of Consumer Psychology (2018) and an outstanding Associate Editor at the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (2020).

Prof. Nenkov’s research has been published at top marketing journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. She is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and serves on the Editorial Review Boards of the Journal of Consumer Psychology and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Professor Nenkov teaches Integrated Marketing Communications to undergraduates and MBAs.


Awards and Recognitions

2020 Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award, Journal of Marketing

Outstanding Area Editor Award, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2020

Franco Nicosia Award, Best Conference Paper, Association for Consumer Research Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2019

Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2018

Haub Family Faculty Fellow, 2017-2020

Boston College, Carroll School of Management Teaching Star, Spring 2017

Kolvenbach Grant, Boston College Intersections Program, 2016

Catalyst Research Award, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, 2012, 2016

Research Incentive Grant, Boston College, 2009-2010, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2019-2020

Faculty Research Fellowship, Boston College, 2009

Kelly Research Award, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, 2007, 2008

Dean’s Distinguished Research Fellowship, Katz Graduate School of Business, 2005-2006




Nikolova, Hristina and Gergana Y. Nenkov “We Succeeded Together, Now What: Relationship Power and Sequential Decisions in Couples’ Joint Goal Pursuits.”

Forthcoming at Journal of Marketing Research.

Winner, Franco Nicosia Award, Best Conference Paper, Association for Consumer Research Conference, 2019.

Seiders Kathleen, Andrea Godfrey Flynn, and Gergana Y. Nenkov “How Industries Use Direct-to-Public Persuasion in Policy Conflicts: Asymmetries in Public Voting Responses,” Forthcoming at Journal of Marketing.

Mende, Martin, Linda Court Salisbury, Gergana Y. Nenkov, and Maura L. Scott (2020), “Improving Financial Inclusion through Communal Financial Orientation: How Financial Service Providers Can Better Engage Consumers in Banking Deserts,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, Special Section on Transformative Consumer Research, 30 (2), 379-391. 

Included in JCP’s Inaugural Virtual Special Issue: Consumer Psychology for a Pandemic: Insights in Finances, Scarcity, and Wellbeing, August 2020.

Winterich, Karen Page, Gergana Y. Nenkov, and Gabriel Gonzales (2019), “Knowing What It Makes: How Product Transformation Salience Increases Recycling,” Journal of Marketing, 83 (4), 21-37.

Winner, 2019 Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award.

Nenkov, Gergana Y., Maureen Morrin, Virginie Maille, Tracy Rank-Christman, and May O. Lwin (2018), Sense and Sensibility: The Impact of Visual and Auditory Sensory Input on Marketplace Morality,” Journal of Business Research, Special Issue on Ethics and Morality in Customer-Brand Relationships, 95 (February), 428-441.

Chris Plouffe, Frederik Beuk, John Hulland, and Gergana Y. Nenkov (2017), “Elaboration on Potential Outcomes (EPO) and the Consultative Salesperson: Investigating Effects on Attributions and Performance,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 37 (2), 113-133.

Komarova Loureiro, Yuliya, Julia Bayuk, Stefanie Tignor, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Sara Baskentli, and David Webb (2016), “The Case for Moral Consumption: Examining and Expanding the Domain of Moral Behavior to Promote Individual and Collective Well-Being,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Special Issue on Transformative Consumer Research, 35 (2), 305-322.

Salisbury, Linda and Gergana Y. Nenkov (2016), “Solving the Annuity Puzzle: The Role of Mortality Salience in Retirement Savings Decumulation Decisions,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (3), 417–425.

Winterich, Karen Page and Gergana Y. Nenkov (2015), “Save Like the Joneses: How Service Firms Can Utilize Deliberation and Informational Influence to Enhance Consumer Well-Being,” Journal of Service Research, 18 (3), 384-404. (Special issue on Transformative Service Research)

Scott, Maura L. and Gergana Y. Nenkov (2014), “Using Consumer Responsibility Reminders to Reduce Cuteness-Induced Indulgent Consumption,” Marketing Letters, Nov., 1-14.

Reimann, Martin, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Deborah MacInnis, Maureen Morrin (2014), “The Role of Hope in Financial Risk Seeking,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 20 (4), 349-364.

Full Text

Nenkov, Gergana Y., Kelly M. Haws, and Min Jung Kim (2014), “Fluency in Future Focus: Optimizing Outcome Elaboration Strategies for Effective Self-Control,” Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5 (7), 769-776.

Nenkov, Gergana Y. and Maura L. Scott (2014), “So Cute I Could Eat It Up”: Priming Effects of Cute Products on Indulgent Consumption,” Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (2), 326-341.

Morrin, Maureen, J. Jeffrey Inman, Susan Broniarczyk, Gergana Y. Nenkov, and Jonathan Reuter (2012), “Investing for Retirement: The Moderating Effect of Fund Assortment Size on the 1/n Heuristic,” Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (August), 537-550.

Reimann, Martin, Wilko Feye, Alan J. Malter, Josh Ackerman, Raquel Castaño, Nitika Garg, Robert Kreuzbauer, Aparna A. Labroo, Angela Y. Lee, Maureen Morrin, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Jesper H. Nielsen, Maria Perez, Gratiana Pol, José Antonio Rosa, Carolyn Yoon, and Chen-Bo Zhong  (2012), “Embodiment in Judgment and Choice,” Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, 5 (2), 104-123.

Haws, Kelly L., William O. Bearden, and Gergana Y. Nenkov (2012), “Consumer Spending Self-Control Effectiveness and Outcome Elaboration Prompts,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (5), 695-710.

Nenkov, Gergana Y. (2012), “It’s all in the Mindset: Effects of Varying Psychological Distance in Persuasive Messages” Marketing Letters, 23 (3), 615-628.

Hulland, John S., Gergana Y. Nenkov, and Donald W. Barclay (2012), “Perceived Marketing / Sales Relationship Effectiveness: A Matter of Justice,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (3), 450-467.

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Nenkov, Gergana Y., J. Jeffrey Inman, and John Hulland (2008), “Considering the Future: The Conceptualization and Measurement of Elaboration on Potential Outcomes,” Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (1), 126-141.

Working Papers


Lane Peterson, Mende, Martin, Maura L. Scott, Gergana Y. Nenkov, and Anders Gustafsson, and “The Quantified Self: The Effects of Activity Tracking on Consumers’ Health Motivation.”

Salisbury, Linda, Gergana Nenkov, Simon Blanchard, Ronald Hill, Kelly Martin, and Alex Brown, “Consumer Financial Vulnerability: Novel Insights for Theory, Practice, and Public Policy.”

Cakanlar, Aylin, Hristina Nikolova, and Gergana Nenkov, “I Will be Green for Us: When Consumer Compensate for Their Partner's Unsustainable Behavior.”

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